Catastrophic School Violence: A New Approach to Prevention

This book delves deep into school culture and the school shooter. We generate a more comprehensive picture of school violence, including the personal, interpersonal, and environmental factors that help to generate a school serial killer. A new type of violence classification system is introduced, including Retributive Violence as well as a new tool for schools to use in preventing catastrophe. This book provides the foundation for building an early warning violence prevention and detection system for schools.

Through a new concept of reverse profiling, we will widen our perspective on the multiple causes of school violence moving us away from a static trait cluster or profile perspective. Through increased attention to processes, patterns, cycles, and other decompensation trends are the key to identifying schools which are vulnerable to violence and potential perpetrators.

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Workbook: Catastrophic School Violence

This workbook offers a comprehensive review of existing violence prevention programs, helping schools to evaluate their existing program and select the right approach for them. Very practical guidance is offered on building a prevention paradigm that integrates into the existing mission and vision of your school. This paradigm is broken down into measurable areas including parent involvement, the use of technology, and the role of social media in violence prevention.

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It Can't Happen Here: One school learns from tragedy

A fictional companion book for two non-fiction books released in July 2014 on school violence. Following a violent episode in a middle school, the superintendent forces the principal to bring in a consultant to help the school deal with the issue, but also to explore the circumstances that gave way for violence potential. Catastrophic School Workbook: Catastrophic School Violence

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Harnessing the Power of Resistance: A guide for educators

Forces for sameness and change result in resistance. If we can learn to tap into these competing forces, we are able to generate energy toward growth. This book is out of print from the publisher but can be found on

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The Truth About School Violence

The past decade has repeatedly shown that student violence does not discriminate against any school regardless of wealth, location, size, or resources. However, educators who include prevention and continuous improvement of organizational health in their day-to-day planning will be rewarded with a cohesive school environment that is free of violence. Jared M. Scherz has written this book to raise educators' awareness of a school's organizational health. Healthy schools continually improve every aspect of the working and learning environment. Whether a school needs major reform or strengthening of already effective systems, readers will find sound strategies, including an assessment of existing and suggested prevention programming. This book will expand perspectives, challenge current beliefs, and provide a framework from which improvements can be made.

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How to Succeed in Therapy Navigating the Pitfalls on the Path to Wellness

Seeking therapy is among the most important mental health decisions a person will make and, yet, many clients are poorly prepared for what lays ahead. Here, Jared Scherz outlines the process for seeking therapy, from finding the right therapist and approach, to navigating the insurance and billing systems available. He details the most common pitfalls clients and their therapists face once therapy has commenced, and guides readers to avoiding those mistakes that can sabotage counseling.

Whether considering therapy for the first time or evaluating current help, this is the perfect companion to personal growth. Different from other books, insight is offered into types of therapy, such as group, marriage, or individual counseling, as well as theoretic orientations to help readers understand therapeutic approaches from the point of view of the provider. Scherz encourages a greater sense of personal responsibility and empowerment to navigate the healing and wholeness paths. Alternative health practices are also outlined to help people who wish to take a more holistic approach to wellness, both mental and physical. Readers will feel empowered by this book to take the first steps necessary to get the help they need, to continue along a path already chosen, or to take a different approach when one is not already working.

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