Psychoeducational Services

Special Needs Child - Did You Know?

  • Federal Law - every child has a right to an effective education.
  • Schools may be biased in their evaluations & plans
  • Schools may not have properly trained staff
  • Evaluations and meeting process is complicated
  • You & your child have rights

Are you sure your children's rights are being protected?


Good and effective education for our children is not only a right but also a federal law. Our education system has been designed to serve a mainstream population and schools are challenged to ensure that all children are protected under this law. For children with special needs, schools initiate a complicated process of evaluations and meetings culminating into an individualized education plan.

Schools may be intentionally or unintentionally biased in their evaluations and recommendations by trying to align your child's individualized education plan with services already offered in the school system instead of the actual services required.

On top of this, many parents are often overwhelmed with learning about their child's special needs while at the same time learning the process, tackling the mounds of paperwork, and understanding not only the fact that their child has rights but what it all means. Are you sure your children's rights are being protected?

Why Seek Services Outside of School?

Our Psychoeducation Services offer you the comfort of knowing that we are objective in our assessment of your children's educational needs. Our focus is on your child and what is best. Our professionals know the system and can help you navigate through the process, provide support during meetings and ensure that your children's rights are protected.

Other Related School Assistance

Our services also include assistance with:

  • Resolving school conflicts
  • Helping to address school's unresponsiveness to bullying/violence
  • Communicating with teacher / school
  • Parent Involvement
  • Learning at Home
  • Parenting Issues
  • Representing your child at CST meetings
  • Support through school mediation
  • Attending classification meetings and/or administrative hearings