An Experienced Team

The founder of ITC is Dr. Jared Scherz. Dr. Scherz is a licensed psychologist, educational consultant, and author of several books on therapy, intimate relationships, education, and school violence. Dr. Scherz has been a coach, consultant, and therapist for over 25 years and is passionate about helping others become successful.

ITC is operated by Drs. Jared and Donna Scherz, with help from other experienced professionals, all with a vested interest in improving the well-being of others. Using Master Coaches averaging over 20 years in the helping field, including social workers, counselors, educators, consultants, psychologists, and others. ITC has a core team of experienced professionals which is growing every day.

Dr. Jared Scherz

Dr. Jared Scherz, Ph.D., M.Ed., ACS

Dr. Scherz is a clinical psychologist working with individuals, couples, families, and groups for over twenty years. He earned his Masters in Education from Penn State University and is his Ph.D. from Saybook University. In his clinical work, Dr. Scherz uses a combination of gestalt and family systems approaches. The focus of therapy is to empower the person or system toward greater awareness. He helps people appreciate that change is paradoxical, in that a greater understanding of what keeps a person feeling stuck is needed before sustainable change is possible. The goal is to leave therapy feeling more peaceful, more whole, more potent, and on a path toward greater fulfillment.

His vision for ITC is to provide individuals with a wide range of integrated wholistic services helping with transformation of body, mind, & spirit. By putting together a team of outstanding professionals covering a wide range of specialties, Jared believes this wholeness center will make a difference in the lives of many people who recognize the benefit of personal growth.

Dr. Donna Scherz

Dr. Donna Scherz, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Donna Scherz received her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Donna was originally trained as a child psychologist, but through her career has become an expert forensic psychologist and most recently focused on geriatrics. Donna consults with patients in nursing home facilities and provides evaluations for a wide range of issues.

An experienced therapist, Donna brings compassion and commitment to her work helping individuals overcome barriers while providing a supportive and safe place. She uses a combination of theoretical approaches in her work, but is mainly considered relationship oriented.

Donna has wide-ranging clinical experience. She focuses in her practice on the concerns and needs of parents, specializing in assisting single parent families. She provides supervision and training to new therapists and is available for consultations with patients who need targeted interventions at ITC.

Sarah Kautz

Sarah Kautz

Sarah Kautz received her Masters in Social Work from The University of Chicago. She is completing her PhD in Clinical Social Work at the Institute for Clinical Social Work with a concentration on children and adolescents. In her clinical work, Sarah sees children, adolescents, and parents. As a therapist, Sarah is warm, caring, and approachable. Sarah tailors her approach and interventions to each patient's needs. Sarah employs psychodynamically oriented therapy as well as play therapy with children.

Sarah appreciates that childhood can be stressful and a vulnerable time for children. Due to limited life experience, youth are not always equipped to manage effectively these stresses. Youth struggling with challenges inherent to development often face additional issues including family issues, academic struggles, peer difficulties, anxiety, grief, and depression. Sarah assists children and their families with these challenges.

Cynthia Stamper

Cynthia Stamper, LCSW, MSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

My primary work has included psychotherapeutic intervention for individuals, couples and families, coping with anxiety, depression, psychiatric issues, marital strife, and family system breakdown. As a result of the last five years of experience, and my additional exposure to a diverse age group and population, I have expanded my clinical focus to include those struggling with the death and dying process, the aging population, victims of abuse, and PTSD.

Carole Gural

Carole Gural, LCSW, MSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Carole Gural is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her Master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Carole has been providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families for over 21 years. Carole has assisted people with many different issues and challenges including, mood and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, infertility, relationship problems and low self esteem. Carole works with the client in defining his/her goals and exploring the barriers to achieving these goals. To do this, she uses a variety of treatment modalities and techniques including Mindfulness, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral strategies. Carole has great admiration and compassion for her clients as she recognizes the courage and strength it takes to explore challenges in their lives and ultimately make changes within themselves.

Shari Simmons

Shari Simmons
Massage Therapist

Rita Strough

Rita Strough
Spiritual Counselor

Rita Strough is a channel through which divine information and energy flows. Through interactions with others in private and group settings, Rita serves as the bridge between a person's intellectual mind and their higher self. In a session with Rita one can expect to have a dialog with angels, spirit guides, and his or her own higher self. Often times, a deceased loved one is available through Rita. This work is not an exact science. Learning to trust what comes in as a channel and sharing it is a blessing and very empowering to those whom Rita serves. She holds workshops to help people better attune themselves to these energies and gain a level of understanding of their human and divine nature.

Barbara Rudderow

Barbara Rudderow
Office Manager

Barbara Rudderow is the office's administrator and has been with ITC since its doors opened almost 10 years ago. She has vast experience in the everyday business details of ITC and, perhaps, there is no question she cannot answer. Barbara is responsible for the handling of new patients, billing information and insurance coverage, among other things. The most important of Barbara's responsibilities is to ensure the comfort, confidentiality and convenience of every visit for every patient and client. ITC prides itself in the welcoming environment it offers and Barbara fosters such by being the first person one may have contact with, either by visit, phone, or email.