Group Therapy

Group therapy is ideal for both men and women wanting to improve their sense of meaningfulness. Through this experiential group experience, members begin to explore who they are in relation to others. Opportunities to give and receive support, experiment with new ways of relating, and understand blocks to gaining intimacy are created and explored.

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Quotes for People Considering Group Therapy

Members of ITC Groups have offered their experiences of participating in group therapy:

"I have been thinking about how much my perception of the "group experience" has changed since I first started. I realized this as I was thinking over the notes sent by Jared and how everyone responded on Thursday night. My first reaction was that of admiration and gratefulness for the honest feelings and emotions displayed by all of the members at one time or another. There was a time when I would have been very, very uncomfortable by this. Not only would I have been unable to conceive of the idea of doing this myself but having others be so open and vulnerable would have made me shut down. (Even now I have a physical reaction when I say the word 'vulnerable'). I have really come to look forward to such honesty, especially from the newer members who are really taking big risks considering they have only known me for a short time. They have helped me by example and by allowing me to do my own work, sometimes using them as a springboard. My desire for this ability to connect becomes stronger and stronger every week. I am hopeful there will come a time when the desire for such emotional freedom will outweigh my desire for emotional safety and this will become my way of life....I love you all so much"

"Group is a sacred place. We have a circle of 9 when we are all in attendance. We have grown, together, to trust each other. We 9 know that we can bring in anything we need help with. And that if we aren't able to get what we need, we learn to ask for it. Jared sometimes has to do some leading, prompting, when needed. We have become powerful together in the hope that we can become powerfully authentic alone."

"Group therapy is the place where it is safe for your walls to come down. Walls you are not even aware that you alone put up. Other members have tools that they can lend you because they have used them, some need them right back cause they are in the process of still bringing their own walls down. In many cases, it is a community project. Nevertheless, it is a 'work-at-your-own-pace' place! I wish it were longer than 75 minutes"

"Group has been a very useful tool for me. Like anyone else, I have had issues to deal with in my life. Group therapy has allowed me to recognize what they are and how to deal with them. Through group I have come to the realization of other facets of my life having a negative impact on me and why I have not dealt with them, instead pushing them and hiding them away. Group has been a huge learning tool for me and has allowed me to grow and heal in a good way. Jared's guidance and knowledge has been valuable in allowing me to accept what I have to deal with and move forward in healing."

"Group therapy is the safe and trusting place that I allow myself to deal with the issues I know I have, and the place that I discovered issues I didn't know I had. It has given me a place to experiment with relationships and real life situations that I encounter. Group therapy has helped to me grow into and to like the person I am today. It is the one thing that I truly do for me and no one else."

"For the past two years my teenage son and I have been in therapy. His behavioral problems have been overwhelming at times and have put a cloud of doubt over my belief that my parenting skills are what they should be. I am a single parent and have no support from the other custodial parent. When group therapy was mentioned to me I was excited to have a chance to listen and talk with others about "life events, feelings, and experiences." At first the adjustment was new and a bit different from one-on-one therapy, but understanding what you can get out of it is "real". The best part of group was not feeling alone. Even though some of the issues were different for each one of us, the sense of honesty, openness, and trust is what we all came to share. And the best part is also using these new skills outside the group with family, friends, and at work. It has given me a greater sense of trust in myself and a greater sense of self-esteem. I look forward to group each week because it is something that I do special for myself. One thing that I have realized is that I need to do for me so I can do for others. Almost every week at group I learn I am not alone in my loneliness and that others struggle to find a peaceful place to be in there lives. When I hear others share their pain, the overwhelming sense of being by myself is lifted."

"For me, this is about taking risks lately. Its not easy to let down the guard, to reach out to take those feelings buried deep and expose them. To search deep, to sort through the mess, and to see that I do have needs, and that I have not allowed myself to acknowledge them let alone allow others to contribute to me. There is no great miracle in the moment, just a long series of small miracles there to be had if only one lets them come their way."

"I have benefited from group therapy. Group helped me to focus on how I experience what I see, hear, feel, smell and think -- in short, how I experience what I sense. Group has helped me understand more about how I react, and what I do in reaction to experiences. Group has helped me focus on how my reactions are satisfying for me and limiting for me. How I experience group is more like how I experience daily life in comparison to individual therapy and so I can pull from group experiences and relate them to everyday contact with others easier than applying what I learn from individual therapy. Group has helped me practice how I relate to others' points of view, especially my spouse's. My relationship with my wife has improved in every way since I've participated in group."